Dasha Tenditna

Professional portrait and documentary photographer from Kyiv, Ukraine. 

Author of social projects and exhibitions on subjects like: domestic violence, orphanages, inclusion, war consequences. Finds her mission in attracting attention to sharp topics. 

Dasha says : “once I took a camera in my hands – I am responsible for what others will see. I cannot be silent any more. Camera is my language. Photos are my weapon. I don’t want to fix war, pain and tragedies. I want to explore human relations and behavior. Unique beauty of each personality. Change the world for the better. 

Camera gives me a sense of living and opens doors to different worlds. It’s a fantastic feeling to be unseen and see everything at the same time”. 

Dasha is interested in social anthropology and psychology, cultural differences, history, art and storytelling. 

Works in a natural, calm, gentle style, looking for beauty in ordinary things and diversity of life. 

Raises two daughters: Polina and Maya. 

Dreams about peace.